Wanted: Clients For A Dental Hygiene Cleaning

Do you or someone you know require dental hygiene services or do simply want to volunteer your time to an aspiring and dedicated dental hygiene student?

Services Offered at Southern Ontario Dental College:

Dental Cleanings (Includes an Examination with A Dentist) ,
Denture Cleanings ,
Personalized Oral Hygiene Instructions ,
Cavity Prevention Methods (sealants, and fluoride application),
Whiting Services (Whiting Tray Fabrication),
Sports Guard Fabrication,
Outsourced Referral Services (Consultations, and Restorations with A Dentist) ,
And So Much More!

Book An Appointment With Jessica Miller - Student Dental Hygienist

Location: 201 Wilson St E, Ancaster, ON L9G 2B8

Website: www.sodentalcollege.com

Additional Information

The Dental Hygienist you may see within a general dental practice offers services within an hour. We are students, learning a complex hands-on skill that requires additional time to master, and we must adhere to the additional educational requirements set forth by our college (Southern Ontario Dental College), and our governing body (College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario).

Please Be Aware there’s a time commitment, and your time is valued!

Please Understand that I aim to adhere to a minimum of four appointments to complete your dental hygiene care. There is the possibility that additional appointments may be required based on your dental needs, allotted time, and instructor evaluation/monitoring.

Our Appointments Are 3 Hours in Length; this is because we take vitals, review medical/dental histories, conduct dental charting, and oral cancer screenings, we take dental X-rays, and perform extra-oral exams inspecting facial muscles, lymph nodes, and TMJ, we provide patient education, periodontal (gum) assessments, deep cleanings, polishing, stain removal, and dental cleanings; this offers peace of mind knowing one has had a thorough dental hygiene appointment based on your needs.

There is typically a fee of $50 a year (this typically covers 2-3 dental cleanings). In an attempt to fill our schedules, some students, including myself, pay this $50 fee for our clients. Going through the college, or other students, this fee is required.

Our Clinic Hours Are: Mondays (8:30 am – 11:30 am) & Wednesdays and Fridays (1:30 pm – 4:30 pm)

Thank You, I Look Forward To Hearing From You

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