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`LUXOR HEALTH NEW 2019 LH-1 Folding Inversion Table ONLY $19 DELIVERY - $479


condition: new
delivery available
make / manufacturer: Luxor Health
model name / number: LH-1

`LUXOR HEALTH NEW 2019 LH-1 Folding Inversion Table ONLY $19 DELIVERY

`Introducing our newest LH-1 Inversion table a Very Beautiful and solid, sturdy unit with many upgrades. Stainless steel hardware, an extended foot locking handle with easy release knob so you do not have to bend down as much as you do with others getting in and out. A simple incline locking mechanism instead of a cheap steel pin you have to thread in and out to change your incline position.

`(It may not be visible in the pictures but the framework of this model is about the diameter of a Pop or Beer can close to 3 inches and very well made, many are made with cheap square tubing or small round tubing).

`(We have found much cheaper copies on Amazon with much cheaper frames and none of the upgrades selling for around $800.00 once you add the delivery costs, there is even the same unit as ours from the exact same manufacturer selling for as much as $2,000.00 and it does not even have the upgrades we had done like stainless steel hardware. Just take a look there and you will see as the prices keep moving around).

`We sell our products at Wholesale Direct prices to retailers and at the same Wholesale direct and discount prices to the public, this is a beautiful sturdy unit with an $800.00 MSRP. We have ours on sale at only $479.00 direct, this is a Very Beautiful and Very Well Built Unit.

`It comes with the heavy foam rollers front and back and you can upgrade to the heavy rubber heel supports as an option if you like, you can see them in one of the close up pictures. We have added a picture showing our much nicer frame and pointing out our upgrades to compare to others, our LH-1 comes with the higher weight safety rating at 330 Lbs as most are 250 to 300 Lbs due to our better frame and other upgrades. Our LH-1 comes with an AC powered with remote built in back massager with added heat, other much higher priced top name brand models are not even close in quality and look like a toy beside this model.

UNIQUE FOLDING DESIGN: What is unique about this models folding design is many because they add the extra hinge joints to allow an inversion table to fold and save space, but the extra hinge joints makes the inversion table more unstable. This model has a very clever and unique design where the front frame has the curvature at the pivot point to cup around the rear frame, so when you get on the unit your own weight presses down on the joint making the fit tighter like a solid built unit to become a very stable unit.

USAGE TIME: There is misleading information about using inversion tables even in commercials on TV, explained to us by fully top certified Chiropractors is that you do not use them to hang upside down for 15 minutes at a time. The only purpose is to hang fully inverted upside down for maybe only 30 seconds, all you are doing is stretching out the spine to draw in fluids and take pressure off any nerves in your spine. At the same time when you return to the upright position to settle all back into place in a proper aligned position, do this maybe a couple times a day and see how all works for you. Always consult with you Doctor or Chiropractor for this advice on your condition and if Inversion is safe for you or other alternatives.

UPGRADES DONE BY US: on our Newest Luxor Health LH-1 Folding model.

-We have added an extended longer pull back and release foot locking arm over the standard one it comes with, so it is much easier for personal use as you do not need to bend over as much to lock in or release.

-Most come with cheap steel hardware holding the entire unit together, we have not just upgraded the hardware to a better grade steel we have upgraded all to stainless steel hardware. Nobody else has done this and it took some time to find all the hardware, good piece of mind knowing the units is very safe and secure.

-We have attached a picture for you of the new inversion table so you can zoom in to take a good close look at the quality, we also added a picture showing all the points of upgrade we have done and this is a very beautiful and well built unit for sure

-We are placing this beautiful unit on sale for only $479.00 along with deliver at only $19.00 (Covering up to $60.00 in delivery costs depending on your location), this model retails up to $800.00 and we have now dropped the price to only $479.00 to get them out there. We had this model custom made to our specs with many upgrades including stainless steel hardware, extended locking handle with an easy push release handle and our incline locking mechanism.

Cash or Interac E-Transfer we discount the price by $10.00, you can pay through Paypal of if you want to use a credit card we can send you an online invoice. We can get you a quick quote we just need your postal code and let us know if it is a residential or business location.

This model comes with a 330 Lbs Weight safety rating the highest in its class, we do suggest though that if you are over 280 Lbs you discuss with your Doctor or Chiropractor other options. Excessive body weight even with the best foam foot holders your body weight can still cause discomfort, pain and even injury to your feet and ankles, there is also liability reasons and having the 330 Lbs weight safety rating is just good piece of mind you are on a sturdy well built unit including the fact that the hardware is stainless steel to avoid corrosion.

(Again Always consult with you Doctor or Chiropractor for this advice on your condition and if Inversion is safe for you or other alternatives).
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