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Tarot & Astrology Readings @kennethwattsreadings

Tarot card and astrology (natal chart & horoscope) readings by booking.

Readings done by phone or instant message.

Send booking requests to @kennethwattsreadings on Instagram and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What’s a tarot reading?

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with different meanings. You can ask specific questions (for example, for information about a particular situation), or can use the cards to provide insight into life in general. Various ‘spreads’ are used, predetermined patterns of where each card is placed on the table and what each placement means.

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My usual reading is a general life scan (roughly 45 minutes, 60 including questions). I begin with recurring life themes as well as a snapshot overview of life at present. I then go into detail about each life aspect (emotions, work, home, relationships, and health). I finish the reading by providing you with a 7-month forecast. Any questions are answered at the end. A photo of the reading is provided for your records.

* * * * *

If there is a different need (a specific situation you need insight into, or specific questions you need answered), we can easily use a different spread.

For example, I often use The Celtic Cross spread as a general scan of a situation (factors at play, where things are currently headed, etc.). The Work Cycle can be used as a follow-up reading. It prescribes specific next steps by revealing the outcome reached depending on the approach chosen.

We can also create something totally new together that might even better suit your need.

What’s an astrology reading?

Astrology studies the implications of the positions and movements of celestial bodies (planets) on human affairs. The map of each planet’s position from the perspective of a given city at a specified time (or period of time) is known as a horoscope.

A natal chart is simply the horoscope for the date, time, and city of birth. The natal chart serves as an astrological life map: a graphical representation of your internal makeup and a blueprint of your entire lifetime.

For the natal chart reading, I gather the city, date, and time of your birth. I generate the chart, meditate on the different planetary positions and write down my interpretations. The reading (a document file including the chart image and my notes) is provided to you electronically.

A horoscope reading proceeds similarly. I gather the details of the date or time period of interest, generate the chart image(s) needed, and jot down my interpretations. The reading is sent to you as an electronic document. (I recommend getting your natal chart read at the same time as your horoscope to see how the date in question fits into your overall life plan.)

For both readings, I recommend scheduling a phone appointment to walk through the reading together. I provide an overview of astrology basics and summarize your reading’s key points. This provides context for understanding my more detailed notes. Follow-ups are also strongly encouraged. The better you understand your reading, the more it will assist you in understanding yourself and navigating your life.

Which type of reading is best for me?

Tarot gives more specific, shorter-term information (present, recent past & near future).

Examples: overview of a situation, the underlying cause(s) of a situation, where things are headed based on your current course, tips on how to best navigate the short-term future, and answers to specific questions.


Astrology provides more general, abstract information that’s relevant over longer spans of time.

The two astrological readings are: natal charts & horoscopes.

The natal chart reading gives the most general, furthest-reaching information, typically relevant over the entire lifetime.

Examples: your default approach to life, your first impression, how you show love, childhood and early home life, career path, frequent struggles, karmic lessons you came to learn, traits you came to develop, etc.

A horoscope reading gives you more specific information about a particular date or time period in question.

How do I book a reading?

Send booking requests to @kennethwattsreadings on Instagram and Facebook.

All readings are done by phone or instant message.

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* PLEASE NOTE: e-transfer is required as confirmation of your booking. The transfer is not accepted until after our reading, however, until the transfer appears I cannot schedule you in. The astrology reading takes at least 3 hours of work prior to your appointment. I also schedule my full day around tarot readings, ensuring ample time beforehand to meditate. I require a system that ensures bookings are only made by committed clients. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. *

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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